Research Assistant Vacancy in the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neuroimaging (Chemistry)


 The Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology (CEBSIT, formerly known as the Institute of Neuroscience (ION) is a cross-disciplinary, multi-institutional organization that aims to consolidate existing research strength of CAS laboratories via the formation of collaborative research teams. These teams will address major frontier questions in brain science, as well as in intelligence technology that involves brain-inspired computing methods and devices. The newly established International Center for Primate Brain Research (ICPBR) is affiliated to the CEBSIT and aims to be one of the world-class brain research institution, co-directed by Dr. Mu-ming Poo and Dr. Nikos Logothetis. 

The Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Neuroimaging (Principal Investigator / PI: Dr. Goran Angelovski) of the ICPBR is seeking for research assistants to perform research in the field of molecular fMRI. Dr. Angelovski studies the brain function through establishment of a novel neuroimaging technique that employs bioresponsive MRI contrast agents. To this end, the lab uses various chemical, biochemical and biological approaches in developing methods to visualize biological processes in brain in a functional manner. 

Additional information about Dr. Angelovski’s research can be found here:

Research assistant (Chemistry)

The research assistant will work under the general supervision of the PI on research projects. He/She will be supporting experiments, basic data analysis and assisting other members in the lab. In specific, this will include performing experiments in the organic chemistry laboratory or analytical measurements on the laboratory instruments, maintenance of the laboratory equipment, as well as other related assignments given by the PI. The position gives excellent preconditions for further professional development and gaining experience in the preparation of organic molecules and metallic chelates, their isolation and purification, as well as analysis with the state-of-art instrumental methods.


1. Education: Successful applicants should possess at least a B.Sc. degree or equivalent in chemistry, ideally in the field of synthetic organic chemistry.

2. Experience: Hands-on training in basic chemistry techniques is necessary, such as performing organic synthesis, separation and purification of products using the chromatography methods, or chemical analysis by means of MS or NMR, etc.

3. Skills: The successful candidate should possess good organizational, analytical, and communication skills and should be able to work effectively and productively in a team-oriented environment. The lab working language is English.


All positions are available according to the CEBSIT employee guidelines and are equipped with proper benefits and pleasant working environment.


To apply:

Please send your CV and a cover letter describing your current/past projects and career goals to Ms. Ya Gao (, Cc: for the initial assessment. Positions will remain open until filled.