Members of the Office

CAO Fahua Press Officer 54921753
CHEN Jianping Deputy Director of Finance Office 54921780
CHEN Di Secretary of the Office 54920521
CHEN Aibing Secretary of Human Resources 54921714
DING Lan Secretary of Human Resources 54920048
FAN Lili Secretary of Human Resources 54921712
GU Yixi Director of the Office 54921756
HOU Xinwei Secretary of Research Project 54921711
HUANG Surong Director of Personnel Education Department 54921729
HUO Jingjing Secretary of the Office 54920306
LI Zhenzhen Secretary of Research Department 54921909
LI Yue Secretary of Services 54921715
LI Qian Secretary of the Office 54920361
LI Xinyan Secretary of Education 54921761
MA Lin Deputy Director of the Office 54921756
PAN Zhe IT 54921718
PAN Pingping Secretary of Grants Finance 54921765
SHEN Xiaolan Secretary of Finance Office 54921905
WANG Aiqin Secretary for State Key Laboratory of Neuroscience 54921738
WANG Qianfu Deputy Director of Research Project 54921717
WANG Yamin Secretary of Research Project 54921871
WANG Yang Secretary of Education 54921858
XIE Jia Secretary of Education 54921907
YANG Chengdong Secretary of Finance Office 54921869
YUAN Li Secretary of Finance Office 54920347
ZHANG Lin Secretary of Finance Office 54921719
ZHANG Jun Secretary of Research Project 54921787
ZHOU Taotao Secretary of Education 54921859
ZHU Jinqi Director of Research Department 54921730