CEBSIT / ION Special Lectures in Neurobiology


Recently, a novel coronavirus epidemic has occurred in the country. Most CEBSIT / ION students have to stay at home according to the guideline from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Prof. Muming Poo, the scientific director of the center, decided to give online lectures in neurobiology from February 10, 2020. All the students can join the lectures at home through the website called Bilibili.     


CEBSIT / ION Special Lectures including three parts. The first part entitled Pathfinding in Neurobiology includes Neuronal Polarization and Axon Guidance, Synapse Formation and Plasticity, Memory and Cognition. The second part entitled Six Hard Problems in Neurobiology includes Morphogenesis - from genes to biological forms, The Function of Spontaneous Activity, The Function of Dreams, Time Keeping in the Brain, Neural Circuit Basis of Language, Neural Correlates of Consciousness. Prof. Poo also gave the third part on ethics and innovation.