Drs. YANG Hui and LIU Zhen of CEBSIT Won 2019 HLHL Awards


  On November 18th, the 2019 award ceremony of Ho Leung Ho Lee (HLHL) Foundation was held in Beijing, and 56scientists won the 2019 HLHL awards.  



  Dr. YANG Hui from CEBSIT won the "Science and Technology Progress Award". Since the establishment of independent laboratory in 2014, Dr. YANG has published more than ten articles in Science, Nature and other journals. The whole genome based miss detection technology, GOTI technology, which he created, is far superior to any similar technology in the world in terms of accuracy, breadth and accuracy, and is expected to establish new industry standards.  


  Dr. LIU Zhen from CEBSIT won the "science and Technology Innovation Award". Dr. LIU is the youngest winner of HLHL Award. As a core member of the team, he participated in the research and development of non-human primate genetic modification technology and model construction, and cultivated "Zhongzhong" and "Huahua", which are cloned macaque monkeys by somatic cell nuclear transfer. 


  The HLHL Foundation was founded by the patriotic Hong Kong financiers He Shanheng, Liang Qiuju, He Tian and Li Guo Wei in 1994. Known as the “Nobel Prize” in, it awards Chinese scientists in three categories, the Science and Technology Achievement Award, the Science and Technology Progress Award, and the Science and Technology Innovation Award. It aims to encourage outstanding Chinese scientists and promote scientific and technological progress and innovation.