Core Facilities held SAMP Training


 Core Facilities of CEBSIT organized an Experiment Instrument Sharing Management Platform (SAMP) training for instrument administrators on Monday, August 24th. It aims to help staff intuitively understand the main functions of SAMP and it attracts 20 instrument administrators attended this training. 

JIN Jianing, an employee of Core Facilities who is responsible for managing users’ accounts creating of SAMP, introduced the rules of creating accounts and access control of facilities. She strengthened the application process of users’ accounts and highly recommended the official website of Core Facilities where staff can find the application form. WU Chao, another colleague of Core Facilities, emphasized the operating points which related to staffs’ routine work, such as creating new sharing experiment instruments, managing instruments reservation, setting the usage fees and authorization and auditing instruments through SAMP.
After the introduction, attendees had a fruitful discussion in the following Q&A part. WU Chao answered all the enquires and encouraged attendees to contact him whenever they encounter relevant issues.