10X Genomics Chromium Controller Passed the Technology Acceptance


 Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), organized a technology acceptance meeting for  10X Genomics Chromium system , which is part of Brain Atlas Mapping-Cell Types Identification Core Facility Project. The project was supported by the Special Funds for Repairing and Purchasing. Experts from different departments of CAS were invited to attend the meeting and estimated the performance of Chromium system,  which is a single-cell Gene expression solution.

ZHANG Min, the person in charge of Molecular and Cellular Biology Core Facility, gave a detailed introduction and description of the system. According to her introduction ,the Chromium single cell gene expression solution provides single cell transcriptome 3' gene expression profiles of cells. . The system can run up to 8 channels (100~80,000 cells )simultaneously with a cell capture rate of >30%. After a fruitful discussion of its operability and technical index, the bio-instrument was accepted with unanimous approval by experts. 
With Special Funds for Repairing and Purchasing, the hardware level of ION has increased continuously which accelerates the progress of scientific research achievements.

About Molecular and Cellular Biology Core Facility 
Molecular and Cellular Biology Core Facility offers technical and logistic benefits for ION labs ever since it was founded 2005. The services of this core facility include:
1) Management and maintenance of molecular and cellular-related devices:  High Speed and Ultra Speed Centrifuge, Fluorescent Quantatitive PCR, Flexstation 3 Molecular Devices,etc;
2) Technical services of flow cytometry cell sorting, HPLC analysis and single cell RNA sequencing related services;
3) Logistic support: supply of Milli-RO water and Milli-Q water, high-temperature sterilization, storage and disposal of radioactive and bio-hazardous waste, regular safety inspections of all laboratories at ION.