Invitation for 2023 CAS Brain Science & Intelligence Technology Forum for Young Scholars


The Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligent Technology (CEBSIT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will hold the CAS Brain Science & Intelligence Technology Forum for Young Scholars in May 2023. Young talents who are interested in working or collaborating with CEBSIT are welcome to attend the forum. 

1.     Forum Introduction 

CEBSIT is an international scientific research institution reconstructed on the Institute of Neuroscience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The goal of the center is to address major scientific problems in the frontier of brain science and brain-inspired intelligence technology. The "CAS Brain Science & Intelligence Technology" Forum for Young Scholars aims to provide a platform for academic exchange among outstanding young scholars in the field of brain science and brain-inspired intelligence technology, to promote interdisciplinarity and academic innovation, and to broaden talent introduction approaches through special reports, academic seminars, site visits, etc. We sincerely welcome young talents at home and abroad to grow and develop with CEBSIT ! 


2.     Forum Topics  

The forum focuses on the academic frontiers of "brain science and brain-inspired intelligence", covering neural circuit basis of cognitive functions, mechanism and intervention of brain disorders, brain-inspired intelligence theories and models, and development of new technologies for brain research.  

3.     Qualification  

-       The applicants should hold a doctoral degree from a worldwide recognized university and have important academic achievements and good potentials to conduct research independently. 

-       PhD candidates with high development potential are also welcome. 

-       Be interested in working or collaborating with the CEBSIT. 

4.     Application  

-       Interested individuals should send a CV, abstract and representative academic achievements to Mr. Chengjun Zhao at before April 30.  

-       The Forum will be held in May 2023. Academic Activity Committee of CEBSIT will review the eligible applications and send invitation letters to the top candidates.  

-       CEBSIT will organize a diverse agenda for this form, including symposium, talent talks, visits to the facilities, and in person meetings with faculty members and administrative departments. 

-       CEBSIT will reimburse the round-trip to Shanghai for scholars invited to the meeting and cover the accommodation during the meeting. 


5.     Contacts 

Chengjun Zhao  

TEL: 021-54921876 


Dan Zhang  

TEL: 021-54921871 


The young talents in this forum who manage to join CEBIST in the near future will receive full support in competitive salary, research funding, team building, facilities support, etc. We sincerely invite young scholars to participate into the forum.

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