The 10th Academic Review Meeting of ION/CEBSIT Lab Heads was held in Shanghai


  During the Shanghai Covid lockdown, ION/CEBSIT held the 10th Academic Review Meeting of lab heads through the Internet from May 25 to May 31, 2022.  

  On May 25, Drs. XU Chun, CHANG Le, LIU Zhen and YE Zheng participated in their Mid-career Review and presented their research progress to the ION/CEBSIT academic committee. The academic committee members provided four Lab Heads with valuable comments and suggestions that are helpful for their early research careers.  


  Mid-career Review 

From May 29 to May 31, Drs. HE Jie, CHEN Yuejun, LIU Zhiyong, CUI He, WANG Liping, LIANG Zhifeng, WANG Kai, XU Min and ZHU Shujia participated in their tenure review by presenting their research progress reports to a Scientific Review Committee (SRC). SRC consists of the members of the International Advisory Board and world-class neuroscientists including Profs. Bonhoeffer Tobias, Dan Yang, Dehaene Stanislas, Dolan Ray, Dulac Catherine, Ip Nancy, Laurent Gilles, Luo Liqun, Prochiantz Alain, Schier Alex, Schuman Erin, Tsien Richard, and Zhang Mingjie. At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Du Jiulin, Deputy Director of the institute, gave a report on the recent development status of ION/CEBSIT. Prof. Poo Mu-ming, Scientific Director of the institute, gave a general instruction on the review procedure, which was followed by thoughtful discussions by SRC members. SRC members listened to nine PI’s talks on research progress and future plan, which was followed by a Q & A session, and a closed-door discussion among the reviewers. A formal review report will be submitted to the institute in early June.


 PI's talk 

  Q&A session 

  The academic review system is to motivate research leaders to focus on solving important scientific problems. So far, ION/CEBSIT has organized 10 times of academic review meetings, with 88 Lab Heads reviewed in total.