The First Division Online Seminar in 2022 of the “Neuronal Cells and Circuit Development” Research Division of CEBSIT was Held.


  On January 13 and January 14, 2022, the first session of the Neuroscience Bulletin Online Seminar Series in 2022 was successfully held. The Online Seminar Series are initiated by the Seminar Committee of Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology (CEBSIT), Chinese Academy of Sciences, and sponsored by Neuroscience Bulletin, with the aim of inviting internationally renowned scientists to exchange ideas with researchers of CEBSIT and their colleagues at home and abroad.      

  This issue is a mini-symposium focusing on “Neuronal Cells and Circuit Development” with Professor Arnold Kriegstein from the UCSF School of Medicine, Professor Ronna Hertzano from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and Professor Rachel Wong from the University Washington. The symposium was hosted by Drs. Wei Huang, Zhiyong Liu, and Jie He. The Brainnews simulcast platform was used for this symposium. 

  Prof. Arnold Kriegstein is a member of the National Academy of Medicine in America, currently the John Bowes Distinguished Professor of Stem Cell and Tissue Biology, and Founding Director of the Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regeneration Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCSF. In this symposium, Prof. Kriegstein presented a talk entitled " Genomic Insights into Early Human Brain Development, Evolution, and Disease ". The talk described massively profiling techniques to analyze the molecular and physiological properties of primary human cortical cells, the evolutionary differences in the cerebral cortex between species, and how this information can be used to treat neurodevelopmental disorders. 


  Prof. Ronna Hertzano is an otolaryngologist surgeon-scientist. Her clinical work focuses on diagnosing and treating ear disorders, emphasizing hearing restoration. Her scientific research aims to provide strategies for treating congenital and acquired auditory and vestibular dysfunction. The title of her talk was “A Double Pronged Omics-Driven Approach to Advance Discovery for Hearing Health”. She introduced a cell type-specific multi-omic approach to identifying transcription factors that played a key role in inner ear development and hearing impairment. She shared her lead development of the Gene Expression Analysis Resource ( to facilitate multi-omic data sharing, visualization, and analysis. 


  Prof. Rachel Wong is a member of the National Academy of Sciences in America. She is currently the chair of Biological Structure at the University of Washington. The title of her talk was "Circuit Assembly and Reassembly in the Vertebrate Retina". She introduced novel cell-cell interactions that shaped retinal connectivity patterns during development and shared her findings of circuit reassembly in the adult retina after injury. 

  This Online Seminar attracted many young researchers in the field and deepened the mutual understanding of various research divisions.