The Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Neuroscience in 2021


  The State Key Laboratory of Neuroscience (SKLN) held the third academic committee on Dec 14th, 2021. The meeting was chaired by Academician Nancy Yip, director of the Academic Committee. Academician POO Muming emphasized the goals of SKLN in the reorganization process. DU Jiulin, director of the laboratory, gave a comprehensive report about the laboratory's scientific research progress, management operation and reorganization plan in 2021. Researchers LIU Zhiyong, XU Ninglong, ZHU Shujia and YANG Hui gave representative results reports in turn. The members of the academic committee reviewed to the work report, affirmed the laboratory's achievements in scientific research output, talent training and platform construction, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions for the reorganization of the laboratory.