The 2021 Annual Conference of Strategic Priority Research Program“Brain Cognition and Brain-inspired Technology” of Chinese Academy of Sciences Was Successfully Held


  From December 11th to 12th, the 2021 annual conference of Strategic Priority Research Program Brain Cognition and Brain-inspired Technology was successfully held. The online and offline conferences combined with three sub-venues in Beijing, Shanghai and Kunming. The meeting invited 6 experts including WANG Yizheng, GAN Wenbiao, WU Xihong, LIU Jia, SUN Fuchun and PAN Gang. More than 80 people attended the meeting. 

  On December 11, POO Muming first introduced the basic situations of the project of Brain Cognition and Brain-inspired Technology to the experts, and gave a detailed explanation about the background, purpose and assessment rules of the meeting. Subsequently, 74 sub-project leaders successively reported the work progress in 2021 and the work plan for the next year. The expert group composed of the experts and project leaders, based on the task objectives and completion status, contributed to the project/topic, innovative results and next year's plan were reviewed. 

  The results of this review will be as an important basis for the allocation of special resources. 



  Sub-venue in Shanghai 


  Sub-venue in Beijing  


  Sub-venue in Kunming