The Second Division Seminar of the “ The neural mechanism of decision-making” Research Division of CEBSIT was Held


  On October 22, 2021, the second academic report of the Online Seminar Series was successfully held. The Online Seminar Series are initiated by the Seminar Committee of Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology (CEBSIT), Chinese Academy of Sciences, and sponsored by Neuroscience Bulletin. It aims to set up a platform to introduce the currently important research and to directly communicate with those internationally renowned scientists. 

  This second Online Seminar was a symposium to report researches on the neural mechanism of decision-making. Three speakers, Professor Marlene R. Cohen from the University of Pittsburgh, Professor Roozbeh Kiani from New York University, and Professor Daeyeol Lee from Johns Hopkins University, were invited. They were hosted by three principal investigators at CEBSIT, Dr. Tianming Yang, Dr. Gouki Okazawa and Dr. He Cui. About 50 researchers from the Center participated, and about 160 people from home and abroad attended the seminar online. 

  The work of Professor Marlene R. Cohen from University of Pittsburgh employs a combination of mathematics and experimental neuroscience. In this symposium, the report of Professor Cohen was "Topological Insights into the Neural Basis of Flexible Behavior", which introduced how to interpret the brain's quick decision-making on external information using topology, and to further understand the neural mechanism of cognition (such as attention) and related animal behavior. 

  The research of Professor Roozbeh Kiani from New York University focuses on exploring the neural mechanism of realizing the decision-making process. The report by Professor Kiani was "Representation of Decision Bias in the Monkey Forecast Gyrus", which introduced the neural response of the monkey prearcuate gyrus by single and multiple electrode recording in highly trained monkeys when performing decision-making tasks. 

  Professor Daeyeol Lee from Johns Hopkins is a leading scientist in the field of neuroeconomics. Professor Lee gave a report "Neural Mechanism of Detection and Decision Making", which introduced the choice behaviors and neural activities in the primate prefrontal cortex when the animals perform decision-making tasks. 

  This Online Seminar attracted lots of young researchers in the field, and deepened the mutual understanding of various research divisions.