The Third Division Online Seminar of the “Sensori-motor Neuronal Networks for Grasping in the Primate Brain” Research Division of CEBSIT was Held.


  On November 5, 2021, the third academic report of the Online Seminar Series was successfully held. The Online Seminar Series are initiated by the Seminar Committee of Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology (CEBSIT), Chinese Academy of Sciences, and sponsored by Neuroscience Bulletin. It aims to set up a platform to introduce the currently important research and to directly communicate with those internationally renowned scientists.

  Professor Hansjorg Scherberger from University of Gottingen was invited to this Online Seminar, which was hosted by Dr. He Cui, the principal investigator at CEBSIT. 100 people in total from home and abroad attended the seminar online. 

  The research interest of Professor Hansjorg Scherberger was to understand the coding and decoding of hand movements in the primate brain. The report of Professor Scherberger was " Sensori-motor Neuronal Networks for Grasping in the Primate Brain", which highlighted recent experimental results in non-human primates to interpret how the primate brain integrates sensory and cognitive signals to generate grasping movements. 

  This Online Seminar attracted lots of young researchers in the field and deepened the mutual understanding of various research divisions.