CEBSIT Launches a Series of Online Seminar


On September 24, 2021, the Online Seminar Series at CEBSIT/ION have successfully kicked off. These Online Seminars are initiated by the Seminar Committee of CEBSIT and sponsored by Neuroscience Bulletin. This first Online Seminar was delivered by Prof. Cyril Herry from the University of Bordeaux in France. Dr. Chun XU, Chair of the Seminar Committee at CEBSIT, hosted the Seminar, and more than 80 researchers from the Center participated in it. In addition, over hundred researchers from home and abroad joined the Seminar online.

Prof. Cyril Herry is a renowned and distinguished neuroscientist in the field of fear research. He pioneered in the use of electrophysiology in freely moving animals and has published seminal papers on the neuronal circuit for fear learning and memory. In the seminar, he presented a series of systematic studies on neural circuit mechanisms in prefrontal cortex underlying fear control.

This Online Seminar attracted lots of young researchers in the field, and deepened the mutual understanding of various research divisions. Drs. Ninglong XU and Chun XU had an in-depth discussion with Prof. Herry online after the Seminar, and they all looked forward to more collaborations in the future.