Dr. SUN Yangang was awarded the "XPLORER PRIZE" in 2021


On September 13th, the winners of the third "XPLORER PRIZE" were officially announced, and 50 young scientists won this honor. Dr. SUN Yangang of the Centre for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was one of the five scientists in the life sciences who were honored this year.

He discovered itch-specific neurons in the spinal cord, elucidated the cellular and loop mechanisms of itch information processing, and provided an important basis for exploring therapeutic options for chronic itch. At the same time, he published his related research results in international academic journals such as Science and Neuron.

The Xplorer Prize was set up in 2019 with an initial donation of RMB one billion from Tencent Foundation of Tencent Technology, in a bid to encourage and support young scientists to engage in fundamental science and cutting-edge technology research. It is an unofficial, non-profit and scientist-led award. The Xplorer Prize will award 50 outstanding scientists each year, and each of the prize winners will be awarded a total of RMB 3 million over the next five years by Tencent Foundation on.