The Sixth Division Seminar of the “Neural Circuit Basis of Fundamental Cognitive Functions” Research Division of CEBSIT was Held.


 To foster collaboration and scientific discussion, the Research Division of “Neural Circuit Basis of Fundamental Cognitive Functions” at the Center for Excellence in Brain Science and Intelligence Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is holding a seminar series, where researchers present unpublished results from ongoing projects. On September 2nd, the sixth seminar of  this seminar series was successfully held in conference room A1007. Dr. Xu Ninglong, the head of the research division, and more than 60 researchers participated in this seminar.

Graduate  student YAN Jingjing from Dr. Xu Xiaohong's lab gave a talk entitled "A subiculum to hypothalamus circuit for anxiety behaviors". In the talk, YAN Jingjing presented research progress related to controlling anxiety-related behavior and shared the latest results. The study used experimental methods such as optogenetics, optical fiber calcium signal recordings, and electrophysiology to reveal the role of a hippocampus to the hypothalamus circuit in regulating anxiety behavior. The findings point to an evolutionarily conserved origin of anxiety-related emotions rooted in innate avoidance. Experimental evidence obtained in her studies may also provide new insights for understanding and treating anxiety-related disorders.

This seminar has attracted active participation and lively discussions from young researchers and deepened the mutual understandings of various laboratories in the field. Investigators including Dr. XU Ninglong, XU Chun, and XU Huatai provided valuable suggestions and feedback to the speaker.