CEBSIT won the 2020 Shanghai Natural Science Award (First Prize)


CEBSIT’s project "Visual Information Processing and the Neural Mechanism of Behavior Occurrence" by DU Jiulin, MU Yu, LI Ying, YAO Yuanyuan, and ZHANG Baibing won the 2020 Shanghai Natural Science Award (First Prize) .  

According to the "Regulations of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Award", the municipal government has decided that a total of 281 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards (persons) will be awarded in 2020. Among them, 1 person won the Science and Technology Meritorious Award, 10 people received the Youth Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award, 1 person won the International Science and Technology Cooperation Award, and another 45 natural science awards, 33 technological invention awards, 181 science and technology progress awards, and 10 science and technology awards.

The project "Visual Information Processing and Neural Mechanisms of Behavior Occurrence" focuses on the core issues, using zebrafish as a vertebrate model, using the self-created "seeing forest (whole brain), but also trees (neurons), or even leaves (synapses).” research system, from the synapse-neuron-neural circuit and other layers, the system reveals the neural mechanism of visual signal processing and behavior generation in the relevant brain regions at all levels, and for the first time discovered two new visual signal processing Method-The functional plasticity of the retina in the periphery of vision and the dynamic regulation of microglia in the visual center reveals the transmembrane neural circuit that visual signals regulate auditory function, and analyzes the two important visual behaviors of escape and light preference Neural circuit mechanism, the Bi-Pathway Brain Function hypothesis of visual information processing and behavior occurrence. The research results aroused follow-up research by international colleagues and promoted the development of related international research fields.