CEBSIT held grand naming of Minor Planet "Chang Hsiang-Tung" Ceremony and academic report meeting



On the morning of June 8, CEBSIT held a grand naming of Minor Planet "Chang Hsiang-Tung" Ceremony and academic report meeting to commemorate Academician Chang Hsiang-Tung in order to vigorously promote the patriotic dedication and rigorous academic spirit of the older generation of scientists represented by the founder of Chinese neurophysiology, Academician Chang Hsiang-Tung. The meeting was hosted by Dr. WANG Zuoren, deputy director of CEBSIT.

Academician POO Muming, Scientific Director of CEBSIT, introduced in detail the representative academic achievements of Academician Chang Hsiang-Tung and his patriotic and dedicated scientist spirit. Academician Chang Hsiang-Tung is the pioneer of international neurophysiology and the founder of Chinese neuroscience. He loves his motherland, loves science, is indifferent to fame and fortune, and is rigorous in his studies. He has made outstanding contributions to the country's science and education. He has made a series of groundbreaking research results in central neurophysiology theory and experimental technology. He discovered the dendritic potential of brain neurons for the first time in the world, established the classic classification of muscle nerve afferent fibers, and proved the cortical thalamus circulation circuit.

Prof. DU Jiulin, deputy director of CEBSIT, pointed out that it is precisely because of Academician Chang Hsiang-Tung and the group after group of scientists who have devoted themselves to neuroscience research for decades. After the naming ceremony, Professor LU Boxun of Fudan University and researcher SUN Yangang from CEBSIT gave lecturers respectively.