The Annual Review Meeting of the Research Groups of the State Key Laboratory of Neuroscience in 2020


The State Key Laboratory of Neuroscience (SKLN) held the 2020 Annual Review Meeting of the research groups on June 5th, 2020. The laboratory invited Professors MA Lan and YANG Zhengang from Fudan University, WANG Yizheng from the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences, and the experts from the Institute of Neuroscience reviewed the research progresses of each research group in 2019. SKLN began to review the research group’s progresses from 2016, aiming to summarize the research achievement, improve research quality and academic level, enhance collaboration and communication, and promote the influence of the laboratory. 


Principal investigator DU Jiulin, the SKLN director, introduced the review rules, and then each principal investigator of three directions - Neural Development, Mechanism of Neurological Diseases and Neural Information Processing reported in turn. The committee listened to the reports carefully and evaluated the progress of each group. Then SKLN informed the results to the principal investigators on the spot according to the evaluation. 15 research groups got the first grade, and 13 research groups got the second grade. 


At last, the committees gave advices on how to improve the laboratory research, and hoped that SKLN would make more original achievements and contributions to the development of brain science in China.