The 9th Academic Review of ION/CEBSIT Lab Heads and the 10th International Advisory Board Meeting were held in Shanghai


From May 25th to 31st, the 9th Academic Review of ION/CEBSIT lab heads and the 10th International Advisory Board Meeting were held in ION. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, most of the reviewers joined this meeting through the Internet.  


On May 25thand 26th, Drs. WANG Kai, XU Huatai, LIU Zhiyong, CHEN Yuejun, XU Min, ZHU Shujia, WANG Liping, LIANG Zhifeng participated in their mid-career review and presented their research progress to the review committee, which includes members of ION/CEBSIT academic committee and the invited experts from other institutions in China.   


On May 28th to 31st, Drs. YANG Hui, YAN Jun, XU Ninglong, YANG Tianming, GU Yong, WANG Zheng, ZHANG Yifeng, XU Xiaohong and SUN Yangang participated in their tenure review by presenting their research progress report to an International Review Committee (IRC) consisting of the members of International Advisory Board and additional international experts in neuroscience. The IRC members include Profs. Richard Andersen (California Institute of Technology), Colin Blakemore (City University of Hong Kong), Tobias Bonhoeffer (Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology), Heping Cheng (Peking University), Stanislas Dehaene (NeuroSpin, Paris), Catherine Dulac (Harvard University), Liqun Luo (Stanford University), Alain Prochiantz (College de France), Richard Tsien (NYU Longone Medical Center) and Mingjie Zhang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology). The report was followed by a Q&A session, and a close-door discussion among the reviewers. A formal review report will be sent to the ION/CEBSIT Director Jiu-lin Du. At the end of the review, Prof. Mu-ming Poo, scientific director of the institute, gave a report on the recent development of ION, which was followed by thoughtful comments and discussions by IRC members.